ReignMaker greenlit on Steam

ReignMaker greenlit on Steam

The Indie game studio Frogdice announced that their new game ReignMaker, a city building political strategy game, has been greenlit on Steam. ReignMaker is a mix of puzzle and core mechanics which makes the game deep but approachable and with a great gameplay experience.

Frogdice will be presenting their game at Pax East, April 11-13 2014 and visitors will be able to play the game on PC, iPad, Android and Windows Surface. The Mac and Linux platforms will be fully supported when the game launches.

Pang Hartman, VP and Creative Director of Frogdice, is most proud of the Policy System, she says that it introduces role playing elements to a city building game. Frogdice devotes a lot of effort towards maintaining a positive and safe community for their players in both online and offline games.

If you want to learn more about ReignMaker you can visit the website at

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