Reinforcement Update Pack for Red Orchestra 2 now available

Reinforcement Update Pack for Red Orchestra 2 now available

Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games are happy to announce that Red Orchestra 2′s Reinforcement Update Pack is now available for download on Steam.
This Update Pack includes:

-Incoming new map -Barrikady Factory- added to the Free Beta Community Map
-Fixed kick voting
-Fixed team selection locking up when a player swaps from spectating one team, to playing for the other
-Fixed single bullet reload interruption having major sync issues in online play
-Fixed edge case where pump action shotguns could sometimes reload more shells than they actually had
-Fixed Battlefield Commission scene being badly broken in Eyefinity
-Fixed burning players being unable to see themselves on fire
-Updated C96 pistol sound references to use the correct sounds, not the ppsh sounds.
-Tweaked recoil values of all machine guns to increase difficulty of shooting accurately
-Removed force walk when firing an MG

To celebrate the update’s release, both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm get a 75% discount and are now free to play on Steam until 5 PM UCT Monday October 26th. Make sure to check out the screenshots below.

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