Release announced for Patch Quest

Release announced for Patch Quest

Today, Curve Games and Lychee Game Labs have announced that after seven years of hard work, the roguelike-metroidvania monster catcher Patch Quest is finally ready to be released on Steam after several years of Early Access.

In Patch Quest, you’ll be hunting monsters in Patchlantis and you can also mount and ride every monster in the game. By catching monsters, you expand your monster collection to fight your way through a shifting patchwork of a maze. You’ll earn exploration gadgets as you play to unlock additional mechanics. You can also collect over 100 plants, unlock gates, and open shortcuts to unravel the mystery of Patchlantis. The game also supports a two-player local co-op mode to play with a friend.

The developer will also drop a colossal update soon after the game’s full launch, expanding the game even more. Find out more by watching the launch trailer for Patch Quest below this post. Patch Quest is set to release in October 2022 on PC via Steam.

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