Release date and trailer for Niko: Through the Dream

Release date and trailer for Niko: Through the Dream

Studio Paint, the creators of Niko: Through the Dream have announced the release date of their indie title.

The game is about Niko, a girl who tries to find her way back home. To do so, she must travel through different isles which all represent an important event of her past. You’ll be confronted with emotions like fear, happiness and solitude while solving puzzles and riddles and evading traps thanks to determination and logic.

Key features you’ll find in Niko include:

  • 18 worlds to explore that evolve with story.
  • Varied puzzles based on colours, sounds, shapes, light, physics…
  • A glimpse of platforming and exploration that adds variety to the game.
  • Environmental and spiritual OST, with vivid songs and darker and sadder ones.
  • Minimalist and intimate story, told by images and music. The more you search Niko’s world, the more you know about her and her pas.
  • A lot of hidden optional secrets to discover.

The release is set on the 26th of June and to give yourself a basic idea what the game is all about, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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