Release Date Announced for Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Release Date Announced for Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Indie game studio Mantisco has announced today that Hunter’s Arena: Legends, their new MOBA-RPG hybrid, will launch into Steam Early Access on Thursday, July 15th. The purchase options will feature a regular edition of the game which will include 12 playable characters and several cosmetics, with final pricing to be announced.

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Hunter’s Arena: Legends combines genres by borrowing elements from MMO dungeons and raids, abilities and systems from the MOBA genre and the complex combat mechanics of fighting games.

The game will feature four different play modes, including Battle Royale for solo players and teams of three, 1-on-1 Tag Matches and a brand new four-player Free For All mode launching later in Early Access.

Before launch, Mantisco will be holding several stress test events to ensure server stability when the game enters Early Access. The first test will run through Friday, June 26th to Saturday, June 27th, and a second test will run through Friday, July 3rd through to Saturday, July 4th.

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