Release date announced for This Is the President

Release date announced for This Is the President

If you ever wanted to know what it’d be like to be the President of the United States, then this upcoming release will certainly spark your attention. THQ Nordic and SuperPAC have announced the release date for This Is the President, a story-driven satirical thriller.

In this game, you’ll be elected as the next president for the coming four years, leading to you becoming on the most influential persons in the world! With a history as a shady, rich and ruthless businessman, you only have one goal: advance your agenda while being under investigation by the FBI that’s searching for some proof of your bad past. Aided by your team of professionals, you’ll need to get the 28th amendment to pass no matter what, so you’ll acquire lifelong immunity.  Will you be able to hide your sins and appear as the “good president” to the people?

This Is the President will launch on December 6th for PC via Steam this year. Below, you can watch the announcement trailer for the this new satirical thriller.

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