Release details for WitchSpring3 on Switch revealed!

Release details for WitchSpring3 on Switch revealed!

Today, ININ Games and STUDIOARTDINK have revealed the official release date for their upcoming RPG WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy. The game will be available both physical and digital in Europe and the US starting on the 13th of August. WitchSpring3 is a standalone title that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of previous games from the WitchSpring franchise. WitchSpring3 sees players step into the shoes of reclusive witch Eirudy, who lives with her dolls, in the Misty Forest. Outside of this safe haven witches are feared by humans. A chance meeting with an adventurous young man, called Adrian, begins a story, deciding the fate of the deities and humans of the continent Derkarr.


  • Customisable Magic System
  • Turn Based Battles
  • Different Story Paths
  • Multi Language Support
  • Superb Crafting System
  • Unique Atmosphere
  • A Lovable Protagonist
  • Individual Characters that develop and evolve
  • Fabulous Soundtrack

If you’re interested in picking up the physical edition of WitchSpring3, then you’ll need to head over to the Strictly Limited Games Partner Store, where you’ll find the various editions of the game. The Limited and Collector’s Editions are available for preorder now. The Limited Edition comes individually numbered and includes a manual. With the Collector’s Edition fans get a beautiful artbook, an acrylic standee of Eirudy, a soundtrack CD and more. Plus, both the Limited and the Collector’s Editions can be pre-ordered as a bundle including an awesome plushie of Eirudy’s little doll Failur.

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