Release Mirror’s Edge Catalyst set for end of February 2016

Release Mirror’s Edge Catalyst set for end of February 2016

Finally DICE lets us in on the release date for the new Mirror’s Edge game: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The title is set to his the stores February 23 in the US and February 25 in the EU.


Catalyst will bring the following features:

  • Experience the rise of Faith, from a careless young woman, to a heroine who opens the eyes of an entire city
  • Take a stand with Faith and fight back against the oppression of the ruling elite
  • Totally immerse yourself with fluid movement and combat in first person
  • Explore the beautiful city of Glass, free roaming from the highest skyscrapers to the dark and gritty tunnels that lie beneath
  • Players will not find a sequel, but a completely new experience


Fans can furthermore already pre-order the game today to receive the following kits:

  • Combat Runner Kit: holds unique in-game items, allows you to change how you appear in other player’s worlds with the combat-themes Projection Shader and offers a Runner Tag for the leaderboards. Screen Hacks can also be customized with a unique background
  • Speed Runner Kit: adds the speed-themed Projection Shader, the Runner Tag for leaderboards and another background for the Screen Hacks


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC through Origin. Visit the official site for more information and enjoy the screenshots and trailer below.

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