Remember Citadel human? Tempest Citadel debut trailer

Remember Citadel human? Tempest Citadel debut trailer

Kudos to those who get the reference in the title, it was something we thought of when first seeing the trailer. Or you may refer to a castle in the sky, but we digress. Tempest Citadel is a tactical game where you command a large army of 100 crew members and those you may sculpt towards your own liking. The goal is to build a Citadel in the sky, because the lands you inhabit are ravaged by endless storms. Module by module you will build your utopia high above ground, but it is not safe. Armies of ruthless enemies lurk in the clouds, hungry for meat of the humans. Hostiles range from dark-mages to cyborgs, while you must seek technological marvels of the land, it will be a hard quest. The Sci-Fi setting allows for +170 modules, items and weapons and over 200 node research trees.

Tempest Citadel will be released on Steam April 17th 2018

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Remember Citadel human? Tempest Citadel debut trailer, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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