Remember me on June 4th

Remember me on June 4th

We are reaching the ending point for this console generation, the Wii U is out and the Playstation 4 has officially been announced. All that is left is Microsoft’s next console to be unveiled and then its only a short wait till the end of the year for the next console generation to officially start.

While we wait for the next generation of systems to come out we have Remember me, one of the rare cases of a new IP set to release during a console generations ending life cycle. Remember me is set in 2084 in Neo-Paris and stars Nilin a former Memory Hunter who awakes to find that she herself has had her memories erased, by her former employer Memorise. You jump in and out of peoples memories to alter them, to change an enemy into your ally and the past that they knew into one that helps further your hunt after your own forgotten memories.

Remember me is set to release on June 4th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PS3 developed by Dontnod entertainment and published by Capcom.

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