Rescue is coming! DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is releasing on Nintendo Switch this Friday!

Rescue is coming! DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is releasing on Nintendo Switch this Friday!

Are you ready to save the city from the clutches of a group of cunning DC super-villains, while managing your teenage social life at Metropolis High School? If you’re as handy with Batarangs as you are in after-school activities, Metropolis could use your help. Get started with DC Super Hero Girls, save Metropolis, and explore every corner of the city.

Based on the DC Super Hero Girls animated series, this new game offers plenty of entertainment for anyone who loves to help citizens and bring justice to the table. Just don’t forget to visit the Sweet Justice cafe afterward.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power releases this Friday for Nintendo Switch. Players can join the fray as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl to save Metropolis from DC’s most notorious super villains and visit iconic hangouts.

In DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, players can perform stunning battle combos with accessible controls with the wide range of abilities each of the six playable characters possesses: Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl has Heat Vision and Super-Breath, while Batgirl fights crime with handy gadgets like the Bat-Hook.

The fierce Harley Quinn can use her Spring Spree mega jump to rock things up, while Catwoman can use her Cat Dance ability to vanquish enemies or catch bad guys by deploying the Star Sapphire’s Cage of Love. Toyman’s cronies won’t know what hit them!

When not in combat, players can explore different areas of the city of Metropolis, track down missing cats, or collect costumes to express their personal style. They can even rebuild a destroyed part of the city by donating in-game money for opening shops or placing other buildings.

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