Rescue Party Live! Out Now!


Fight fires, save puppies and people alike. No matter what disaster, nobody should be afraid; because you will be there! Publisher 505 Games and developer TAG Studio are happy to announce the release of Rescue Party Live!, a cooperative adventure game that lets you band together with your friends and save some lives! The game is now available through Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Rise to the occasion and face chaotic calamities as rescue workers put it all on the line. Choose from nine different heroes, including a Fireman, Reporter, Lifeguard, and even the adorable Guide Dog. Provide relief in single player or team up online or locally in up to four-player groups, while strategizing the most effective way to carry out the mission. Navigate earthquakes, fires, and everything in between, to help distressed citizens. Overcome challenging obstacles from tricky terrain to perplexing puzzles in a charming, memorable world.

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