Resident Evil VII’s ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ DLC available on PS4

Resident Evil VII’s ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ DLC available on PS4

Capcom has released the first DLC pack ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ for Resident Evil VII on Playstation 4. Playstation 4 players will receive the first two add-on packs first before all other platforms. The first DLC pack will cost €9,99/$9,99 and is free for the players who’ve bought the Deluxe Edition or Season Pass.

In ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ you get 2 scenario’s and one extra game mode.

  • ‘Nightmare’: Clancy, Sewer Gators’ cameraman, must craft weapons and ammo to make a stand against hordes of enemies to survive until the next morning.
  • ‘Bedroom’: Clancy must figure out how to get out of a locked bedroom in the Baker family’s plantation and try to escape. But be warned as Marguerite Baker isn’t particulary happy about the fact that he’s up and out of bed, snooping around.
  • ‘Ethan Must Die’ extra game mode: This is an extra infinitely replayable tough mode that is separate from the events of Resident Evil VII and isn’t compatible with Playstation VR.

Following up on this DLC pack, the second DLC pack ‘Banned Footage Vol. 2’ will be available for Playstation 4 on february 14th and will cost €14,99/$14,99. It’s also part of the Deluxe Edition or Season pass. With this DLC pack you’ll receive another two scenario’s and an extra game mode.

  • ’21’: you’ll have to gamble your own life in a deadly game of ’21’ with Lucas Baker
  • ‘Daughters’: as a player, you’ll get the chance to dive deeper in the Baker family’s life before the evnets of Resident Evil VII
  • ‘Jack’s 55th Birthday’: An extra game mode where you’ll need to race against the clock to serve up the ‘Daddy’ of the family, Jack Baker with tons of treats for his special celebration and this mode will not be supported by the Playstation VR.

Both DLC packs will be available for purchase on all platforms on February 21st. Deluxe Edition and Season Pass owners will receive both DLC packs together with an additional story episode(more details to come). Finally in Spring 2017, all platforms will have access to a free ‘Not a Hero’ content, introducing a new storyline separate from Ethan’s saga in Resident Evil VII biohazard.

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