Resolutiion – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer: Monolith of Minds
Publisher: Deck13, Mayflower Entertainment, WhisperGames
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Resolutiion – Review

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Some games tend to hold your hand, others will have you find it out for yourself. Resolutiion is the latter, that if you would rely on a narrator to get somewhere, you would probably still be stuck in the intro. This might sound strange at first, but once you see it in the setting it dawns on you. You start as a kid, and kids need someone to guide them. Those who find things out for themselves will quickly become an adult. This is greatly represented in the amazing story of Resolutiion, a retro-inspired adventure game with a deep, dark story.


The game starts pretty uniquely, you are a young child that is enjoying a game of soccer with his friends. You can stay in this peaceful setting as long as you wish. You don’t get any instructions so you will have to explore the options for yourself. After wandering off (preferably by losing the ball) you spot a ghost lady and after following her you suddenly get sucked into this special yet unfriendly world. The once light area is now dark and the child completely changed into an assassin that is carrying some serious weapons. While exploring the cyber-inspired wastes that are inhabited by robots, you will hear a voice calling out for you. By moving closer you think that this is a friendly soul, yet you get ambushed by another assassin. This person was guarding Alibi and she is the key to purging the current world. Alibi wants to track down terrorists and, with your help, destroy them. Your character isn’t clear from sins as it seems, so it feels like you are doing this to help clear your past.

Story progression is great in Resolutiion; you get slowly fed with information throughout the game. This is done piece by piece with background, random facts and what is happening in the world. Putting the game down is pretty hard as you want to know what happens next.


The graphics in Resolutiion are inspired by simple pixel graphics. This retro feel is emphasized with the amazing beautiful Midi music that plays in the background. The game looks simple at first, but it has much depth in its attention to detail. Enemies have multiple stages of damage and will end up being cut in half upon defeat. With the use of gloomy colors, it makes you feel like you are in this dystopia and you are the last hope for the people. You view the game from the top down, it is really clear to navigate, yet sometimes it will take some puzzling to navigate through the maps.


Resolutiion creates this great setting thanks to the blend of beautiful graphics and music. The classic tunes that remind you of the old Midi tunes take you back into time. They are magnificently composed to keep you on edge during combat and inviting you to explore on the downtime. The sound effects are also greatly made, during fights each note is greatly heard and it’s pleasing to chop enemies up.


Resolutiion is an adventure game where you will Hack ‘n’ Slash your way through enemies. It all starts with a short intro where you can get a taste of the controls. It is very simple; just move around and attack. Thanks to the simple nature of just being able to pick up the game without learning much button inputs make this title accessible for many people. You simply navigate your way with the help of hints and will unlock new stuff along the way. Once you really need it, you will be given a map, to traverse the locations, yet while each section isn’t that big, you won’t waste much time searching for the right route.

The gameplay is pretty simple, you just have to chop your way through enemies that get into your way. Because of the limitation of combat, you will have to resort to sidestepping attacks. This is actually very well done as the absence of dodging or other skills does not hinder combat at all. Even the first strong enemy that you meet, which is fast and dodges a lot, can be easily overcome by some tactical planning.

While this review has been pretty positive along the road, there is one little thing that can hamper the enjoyment for some players. The game does not hold your hand in any way, you need to explore for yourself and while this is a great concept, it could leave you a bit in the dark after returning to the game after some time. It would have been nice to have some sort of real guide, yet the vague hints that you receive are perfect for those who love to hunt for their objectives.


Resolutiion is a really fun adventure game set in an ominous setting. Thanks to the gloomy graphics and magnificent music, it is a masterpiece to enjoy. The gameplay is easy to pick up as there are barely any controls needed for the fluent combat and thanks to the spoon-feeding storyline you want to continue your quest. The only downside is that if you are not that into searching your way through the map (like in the older RPG games), then it can be a bit of a downside for those kinds of players.

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Resolutiion – Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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