Retro-Bit SEGA Genesis 8-Button Arcade Pad 2.4 GHz Wireless – Hardware Review
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Developer: Retro-Bit
Publisher: Retro-Bit
Platform: PC, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Switch

Retro-Bit SEGA Genesis 8-Button Arcade Pad 2.4 GHz Wireless – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Carry case, Can be used on the original console
Bad: Lacks extra buttons to access special features on the Switch
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After reading the title, you must have already figured out that SEGA Genesis 8-Button Arcade Pad 2.4 GHz Wireless is quite the mouthful. Nonetheless, it does clearly state what to expect when opting to buy this controller for both the original SEGA Genesis (or Mega Drive) and newer USB devices such as the Switch and your PC. There is a reason that we clearly mention the different options, as this device comes with a receiver for the original console as well as a USB receiver. With Nintendo gradually releasing more and more Genesis games via their Nintendo Online subscription, we were quite eager to recreate a very authentic old-school SEGA experience via our Switch. For the most part, we truly enjoyed playing retro games with this controller.




As this controller is officially licensed, you’ll get a perfect recreation of a SEGA controller, albeit in a wireless form. We received the black version for our review, and we immediately felt nostalgic when we opened the box. The plastic and the buttons feel exactly like the old-school controller, and it was simply a solid controller to have in our hands. Of course, a few new buttons have been added, such as a menu button, but other than that, it feels and looks like the original controller for the SEGA Genesis.


As you’ll be playing with an old-school SEGA Genesis controller, you will not really have the same comfort features as modern-day controllers. What you get here is a solid retro controller with proper button feedback and a great D-pad. The controller itself is quite light, which is pleasant for longer gaming sessions. When playing games on the Virtual Console on the Switch, this one fares a lot better than the Joy-Cons, which have horrible D-pads. That being said, if you have a Pro Controller, it’s a matter of personal taste. For PC usage in combination with a normal emulator, this controller is pretty much perfect.

The controller comes with a solid case, making sure you can easily store it after usage. In this case, you can also easily fit both receivers, which is great, as these receivers are quite small and can be easily lost if you don’t keep track of where you place them. The case also makes it easy to store the manual and the charging cable.


Retro-Bit’s controller is pretty much a plug-and-play device, where you simply have to follow the very short step(s) in the manual. In most cases, you’ll have to simply pair the device with your console or PC and you’re good to go. After this, the controller will be recognized when playing your favorite games. For the Switch, you might need to perform the step where the Switch detects the controller(s) you wish to play with. After that, you’ll be able to use the controller without any hiccups.

While the controller works perfectly with your original Mega Drive or Genesis, and it also worked nicely with PC emulators, we did encounter a small hiccup when it comes to playing games on the Switch’s Virtual Console. Don’t get us wrong, every game was perfectly playable, and it was a lot of fun playing with an old-school controller, but we were not able to access the save states or the rewind functions due to a lack of extra buttons. This is, of course, a small hiccup for many, but it may be a dealbreaker for others.


Retro-Bit’s SEGA Genesis 8-Button Arcade Pad 2.4 GHz Wireless controller is a great controller to play your favorite retro games with. Keep in mind, however, that if you wish to use this one for your Switch, you will not be able to access some features that are usually linked to the trigger buttons. Other than that, the controller is an absolute delight and we loved going through our library of retro games. The controller feels like an authentic old-school gamepad and we loved the fact that we could also use this one on the original console. If you’re looking for a great retro controller, we suggest looking into this one.

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Retro-Bit SEGA Genesis 8-Button Arcade Pad 2.4 GHz Wireless - Hardware Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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