Retro-Bit 8 button Arcade Pad for Sega Saturn – Hardware Review
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Developer: Retro-Bit
Publisher: Retro-Bit
Platform: Saturn
Tested on: Saturn

Retro-Bit 8 button Arcade Pad for Sega Saturn – Hardware Review

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At, we’re not only crazy about current gen games, but we also love revisiting old classics on consoles from all generations. Needless to say we were thrilled when we received Retro-Bit’s 8 button Arcade Pad for the good old Sega Saturn. This manufacturer is known for releasing many affordable reiterations of classic consoles and accessories, and with great success. We got our hands on the game pad with the Saturn jack, and we couldn’t wait to  hook it up to our Saturn, to find out if it deserves to carry on the Sega legacy.


We used the standard black controller, which looks like an exact replica of the original pad. There is only one noticeable difference compared to the 20+ year old model we used to play with back in the day, being the D-pad, which looks the same, but seems to stick out a little, adding to the gameplay comfort. Next to the device itself, we should also mention the packaging, which is different between the NTSC and PAL regions, made to look and feel like their old-school predecessors. Much detail was put into this, perfectly placing the original logos and color palette, as you can see in the picture above, where we stacked it up next to an original Sega Saturn console box.


Since it’s manufactured to be a perfect replica of the original, it only has one issue which it carried over from, being the shoulder buttons, where it’s hard to feel if we’re pushing them or not, since our fingers seemingly don’t get any feedback from said buttons. Otherwise, the D-pad seems to be just a little bit more fluent and reactive? The remaining buttons feel exactly like the original, which is still sheer perfection.


  • Official SEGA licensed controller
  • Classic 6 button layout
  • 10ft cable length


This controller is a plug and play device, which doesn’t differ much from the controller it was based on, which is a good thing, making it perfectly suited for playing those good old Saturn classics we know and love. Apart from the triggers which don’t always give our fingers the feedback we’d want, we could’t find anything that could put a damper on the experience.

Another difference is the controller cable, which is 2ft longer compared to its daddy. Did we mention it’s extremely affordable, priced at least four times cheaper than the original, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a boxed version.


The Retro-Bit 8 button Arcade pad is truly a blast from the past, with some added game enhancing features. We’ve already replaced the controllers hooked to our Saturn with these, since it’s truly the best way to experience and enjoy your Sega Saturn games. If only the shoulder pads would have had a slight upgrade, it would have been  a match made in heaven. We can strongly advise this one to all Sega Saturn gamers all over the globe.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (4 votes cast)
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Retro-Bit 8 button Arcade Pad for Sega Saturn - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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