Retro Horror FPS CULTIC releases its first chapter on PC

Retro Horror FPS CULTIC releases its first chapter on PC

Fans of the Boomer Shooter genre will be happy to hear about an upcoming retro-inspired game: CULTIC comes from the crazy minds over at Jasozz Games and is published by the one and only 3D Realms. In this horror-themed shooter, that takes classic visuals from twenty years ago and combines them with modern combat,  players will find themselves in the shoes of a disgraced detective. While investigating the dark secrets of an insidious cult you are suddenly attacked from the shadows and find yourself dead on arrival. Now you’ll rise from the grave with only one goal in mind: to seek revenge against the zealots.

The first chapter of CULTIC comes with ten levels, from catacombs to abandoned shipyards. This all dressed nicely in a striking aesthetic that harkens back to the old-school shooters. You will have to dash and slide your way out of trouble, outwit or outshoot the cultists and battle horrid creatures with an arsenal of mid-century weapons like the STEN MK V, C96 Mauser and a double barrel coach gun.

Not only can you enjoy the story but there is also a wave-based survival mode inspired by games like Killing Floor and Resident Evil 4. Upgrade your weapons to give you a fighting chance and rise to the top on the leaderboards.

Grab yourself a copy right in time for Halloween on Steam!

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