Review of top horror games that can scare the hell out of you

Review of top horror games that can scare the hell out of you

If you love scary movies, then this review of main horror games will be interesting for you as nothing else. We hope you will get a nice dream after it.

Main horror games which can cause an extra emotion


The pioneers of the genre, according to most people, are the games Silent Hill and Resident Evil. They laid important building blocks in the construction of the genre and contributed to its rapid and proper development. However, the sophisticated gamer knows that in fact, the highest standard of horror genres was Alone in The Dark, based on the myths of Lovecraft.

Horror  – Five Nights at Freddy’s

It’s unique game in horror genre. I’ve never met such ideas in the horror games. You are an ordinary guard, in the usual pizzeria Freddy, where visitors are entertained by large, mechanized puppets. But the doll behaves  herself very strange when it is dark. Your task is to hold up to 6 a.m., and that’s all. The main difference is the fact that you are not afraid of sharp jumps Screamer, you feel no sense of persecution but other horrible things are frightening you.

Daylight — The girl and the ghosts


This game is about a girl who woke up at the hospital and must get out of there having only her mobile phone. At first, I was impressed by the pre-game campaigns and commercials, and sat down to play the game with almost reverence. Then, ten minutes later, I just went on a level with a completely neutral party.

By playing horror games, you can get thrills, adrenaline, a break from your everyday life. If it is not enough for you, you can train your mind, develop detective skills and even win an easy money in online casinos real money. Many people simply crave new emotions. At the same time, it is not often important what these emotions will be: positive or negative ones. Negative emotions can be much stronger than positive ones. Sometimes, when a player loses a lot of money, he may be so angry, and may desperately curse everybody in online forums and all the casino support team. Is this not an emotional outburst?

Horror Montague’s Mount – the mystic and the ghosts

Game Montague’s mount is based on a true story, which is interestingly described in this game. Our main hero is a fisherman whose boat was wrecked in the storm. After the crash, he appeared on the island, where he eventually  understood what was happening and how to find the way home. The developers have come up with a lot of puzzles that you must solve by collecting sheets of the paper and building a picture of what is happening in his head. No one gives any hints to the protagonist, so he needs to figure everything out on his own.

All in all, horror games are for those who cannot imagine even a day without strong emotions. So, if you do not afraid, you are welcome to try all the games mentioned above!

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