Revita will come out of Early Access and to the Nintendo Switch April 21st

Revita will come out of Early Access and to the Nintendo Switch April 21st

Solo developer Benjamin Kiefer aka BenStar and publisher Dear Villagers have revealed that their twin-stick roguelite platformer Revita will be coming out of Steam Early Access on April 21st, while also launching on the Switch eShop. The Steam Early Access version’s price will increase accordingly to $16.99 / €16,99 / £13,49 on March 18th.

In Revita players will have to climb the ominous Clocktower through a series of procedurally-generated rooms, confronting challenging bosses and enemies to reclaim their lost memory. Along the way, players will be able to obtain combat upgrades in exchange for their health, as the game encourages them to live on the edge.

Revita has been a passion project of mine for over five years now, as it combines twitchy arcade-inspired combat with roguelike mechanics and risky decision making, as you decide what is and isn’t worth trading your HP for,” said BenStar aka Benjamin Kiefer, developer of Revita. “We’ve received loads of useful feedback from players on Steam Early Access, and we think fans and newcomers alike will be delighted by all the content we’ve crammed into the full game. There will be surprises at every turn!”


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