Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller for PlayStation 4 coming soon

Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller for PlayStation 4 coming soon

NACON, developer of game accessories, has released more information about the Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller. This is a new, licensed, wireless controller for the PlayStation 4. The new controller will be added to NACON’s officially licensed products soon.

The Revolution Unlimited controller by NACON offers a lot of adjustment options, both for hardware and software. They were all made to satisfy even the most competitive gamers.

The Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller will be delivered with changeable joystickheads -and shafts included, making sure players can choose from concave and convex heads and bigger shafts. Besides this, every handle includes a concealed department for weights to adjust the balance of the controller.

Every controller will be delivered with: 2 pairs of joystick heads, 3 pairs of shafts (30°, 38° and 46°) and three pairs of weights (2 x 10 gram / 2 x 14 gram / 2 x 16 gram). There will also be a handy EVA-caddy with zipper included.

The console:

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection through USB-dongle
  • Wired connection through USB-c-cable
  • PS-, SHARE- and OPTION-buttons
  • Fully operational touchpad
  • 4 shortcut buttons
  • 3.5mm headset connection for audio and chat
  • 2 internal compartments and 6 additional weights to adjust balance
  • Housing of the controller with soft-touch finish
  • EVA-caddy
  • Compatible with all PS4 systems and PC games

Controlpanel on the back:

  • Manual steering for the volume of the headset and mute-button
  • Gamemode-button
  • Platormbutton

The Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller by NACON will be available in the first quarter of 2019 and will set you back 169.90 euros.

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