Rightfully, Beary Arms Claws coming to PC in July

Rightfully, Beary Arms Claws coming to PC in July

Daylight Basement Studio, the developers behind roguelike bullet hell Rightfully, Beary Arms, have announced their roguelite title will be launching on Steam Early Access on July 27th. The title will see players taking control of a teddy bear armed with an arsenal of guns and confront mobs of aliens invading the galaxy.

Throughout each run, players will acquire buffs, weapons and varied items that will make them more powerful. Later into the game new factions and more powerful foes will appear, although players will be able to choose how the difficulty will increase by choosing from a set of debuffs. Depending on what’s chosen, new aliens will appear, health drops will decrease or more damage will be taken.

“Rightfully, Beary Arms represents how kids internalize fears, anxieties, and unknowns of the world,” said Chris Bischke, cofounder for Daylight Basement Studio. “Similar to the mind of a child, some interpretations are literal, some more imaginative, and some lack context entirely. Beary, a stuffed animal in real life, is that kid’s inner warrior and source of strength through self discovery.”

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