Road Rage – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade, Race
Developer: Team 6 Game Studios
Publisher: Maximum Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Tested on: PS4

Road Rage – Review

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Good: Smacking people off a motorcycle with a baseball bat
Bad: Controls & Physics
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Developed by Team 6 Game Studios and published by Maximum Games comes Road Rage, a racing game in which players experience the fun of smacking bikers to the ground with a baseball bat. The 2009 founded Maximum Games, named Maximum Family Games until 2012, has published several popular titles over the years including Alekhine’s Gun, The Technomancer, Farming Simulator and many more. Maximum Games has published many games from many different genres on all platforms. Team 6 Game Studios has developed games such as the famous Flatout game series and Monster Jam.



The game takes place in the city of Ashen. A place where the people running the city are always hungry for more money and power. To put an end at the oppression the inhabitants of Ashen form motorcycle gangs to fight each other on the road with melee weaponry. You play as one of the new recruits to one of these gangs, trying to climb in ranks to reach the president’s position.

The game doesn’t come with that much story content, safe for the fact you are aiming to become the new president of the region. Then again, games such as this work perfectly fine with only a small and inviting plot to get things going.


Get the tissue box because when firing up Road Rage you’ll need to be ready to wipe away lots and lots of tears. Why? Because how in the world is it possible that in current times games can look so boring and colourless? Everything looks exactly the same, shallow and bland, close to horrid but not that bad either. Not to be too hard on the game and its graphics because most of the time when a game looks as bad as Road Rage the gameplay does tend to make up for an awful lot.

You’ll remain in 3rd person view the entire time because there’s no possibility to step off your motorcycle whatsoever. From time to time you’ll experience a screen being frozen for just a short while right before smacking into a car because all of a sudden you start moving again.

The game looks a lot like it would fit the 1991 until 2000 popular game series Road Rash, but comparing these two is wrong in many different aspects. Where Road Rash was received insanely well by the public, Road Rage just doesn’t seem to live up to.



There really isn’t much to say about this aspect of the game. If you happen to be a fan of good old rock music, not talking about the popular rock songs but just regular good old unknown rock music, you’ll be in for a blast. But be warned because you’re in for a continuous loop of a few of the less known rock songs. Although these aren’t the best songs ever heard they do fit the certain vibe of the world. Yet again you’ll be given the Road Rash feeling but don’t be fooled since these feelings won’t go any further than the look and sounds.


The arcade racing genre is not honoured by Road Rage. Arcade racing games should be fun reaching unseen speed limits and drifting for a much longer distance overall then driving straight forward. But no, you won’t be reaching insanely high speeds and drifting is just nowhere to be found. You can take corners by either flying into them with an 80 percent chance of hugging a wall or a parked car or you can try to play things safe and use your conveniently X-bound handbrake.

Something the game doesn’t lack is the amount of different game modes. There are regular races, knockout races or even stunt races and many more. But still, even though there’s a wide variety in missions, the controls and feel of driving the motorcycle feels unnatural at all times. You can perform a wheelie by pulling the left analog stick backwards as far as you please for as long as you want without ever breaking balance. Another thing wrong with Road Rage are the lamp posts, drive into them slow and it’ll send you flying. Drive into them fast, and you’ll go straight through.


Driving into not yet unlocked districts will get you the immediate full attention of the police. Wherever you drive you’ll always find new cops spawning unless you go back to the district you have already unlocked. Although they are no match for a man on a motorcycle at all, you can stand right beside them without anything happening. It’s only when they happen to drive into you fast enough that you’ll be turned into a ragdoll and get busted at the same time.

To wrap it a up with a positive aspect at mind. You’ll find a wide variety of different motorcycles, melee weapons or upgrades at hand. Just be careful not to upgrade a new motorcycle immediately because some missions require a non-upgraded version of a specific motorcycle and so far we haven’t found a way to delete upgrades unless starting the game anew.


Overall the game does really bad, simple as that. Smacking people off a motorcycle is fun, while it lasts, but that little bit of fun vanishes immediately when you start noticing everything that’s wrong with the game. Expectations got high because of the most people thinking this would be a Road Rash 2.0 but the game is nothing like it, comparing it should be a crime. Story wise you’ll get spammed with long text conversations, spoken aloud by bad voice acting and gameplay wise you’ll be sent flying more then you’ll send others flying. The game would be recommended should you find it for a very very low price or as a monthly free game but otherwise we don’t think it’s worth the 10 minutes of actual fun.


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Rating: 2.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Road Rage - Review, 2.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. MC_JP
    February 12, 2018, 21:46

    looks like a cheap road redemption rip off

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