Roadmap for upcoming content released for GRIP: Combat Racing

Roadmap for upcoming content released for GRIP: Combat Racing

Wired Productions Ltd. Has released a roadmap today. The timeline unveiled today showcases a variety of upcoming changes and additions to GRIP: Combat Racing.

The roadmap shows that they are going to fix some issues on the tracks of the game in December. In January, the AI will get a big overhaul and the game will get some balancing enhancements. In February new team modes will be made available and some new tracks will be added to the game. Finally, in March, new cars will be added with a new car pack.

Aside of all these new additions and fixes, GRIP: Combat Racing will fully enter the competitive sphere with a new race series. More information about this new race series will be laid out in 2019.

Gamers who want to learn more about the game can join regular PvD game sessions in which you will race against the developers to show off your skills against them. Check out the game’s community on Twitter, Facebook and Discord to learn more about these game sessions.

Check out the roadmap below to see what the game changes will be in the upcoming months.

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