Roadmap reveal + updates incoming for Stronghold: Warlords

Roadmap reveal + updates incoming for Stronghold: Warlords

Firefly Studios has just released their first update for Stronghold: Warlords, adding an extreme difficulty mode, increased troop limits, a new map, AI improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes. The castle sim developer also revealed the first part of Warlords’ post-release content roadmap introducing a new AI character and playable units, as well as extra single-player missions, and warlords.

This first post-launch update goes live on Steam and GOG, with a full spring and summer content roadmap revealing Sun Tzu, new units, maps, and missions.

Firefly’s content roadmap for Stronghold: Warlords is divided into two separate tracks, creatively titled minor, and major updates. Minor updates, starting today with the addition of Extreme Difficulty and numerous AI improvements, will be aimed at improving core gameplay and adding smaller features. Later on, players can expect further AI updates, stability improvements, more maps, fixes, quality of life features and series staple features, such as controllable AI invasions in Free Build mode.

When it comes to major updates for the spring and early summer period, two substantial content additions are scheduled as part of the game’s initial roadmap. As requested in post-release feedback, Stronghold: Warlords will first receive a new AI character in the form of Sun Tzu. Available in skirmish mode, multiplayer, and all future updates, Sun Tzu will provide players with fresh armies to battle, castles to besiege, and tactics to outmaneuver. Following this, a larger ‘Skirmish Trail #1’ update is planned for the early summer. The game’s first skirmish trail update will add 10 single-player missions, a new unit in the Samurai Lancer, and two warlords with unique abilities. The Beetle Warlord in particular is a response to player feedback, introducing the power to heal battlefield units using the new Field Hospital structure. Both major updates, as well as future planned content additions, will aim to improve the content on offer in the core game in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Stronghold: Warlords is now available on Steam and GOG, with a Special Edition including a digital art book, new soundtrack by series composer Robert L. Euvino, ‘Making Of’ documentary, and a copy of Stronghold HD.

You can find the Full Patch Notes here and Roadmap Reveal by clicking the video in this article or right here.

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