Robo Wars – Released

Robo Wars – Released

A new tower defense styled game is available for PC download as of today. You will have to lead the army of the Solar Union to protect the planet of Praymos from the opposing Trade Confederation.

Robo Wars makes use of an original twist to the genre: you now comine defense with a collectible card game. You are able to destroy, sabotage on enemies and prevent enemies trying to collect your base flag.

The overall game isn’t that difficult, but it will take a while before you will be able to fully utilize all the different tactics that are possible. You can set traps or build up your defense to protect your supplies while fending of the enemies.

All theĀ  different cards at your disposal will allow you to make use of special abilities like building battlefield towers, units and traps. If you kill an enemy you will earn money that allows you to collect more cards for future utilize.

There are quite a lot of features available. There are all kinds of different types of towers, special abilities and powerful bosses. Aside from that the game features a campaign with 55 different missions following an epic story. Graphics-wise the game is set in an 80’s style science fiction design.

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