Robot Arena III announced for Steam

Robot Arena III announced for Steam

A new publisher has entered the indie scene. Octopus Tree wants to bring forward the most exceptional indie titles and one of these titles is Robot Arena III, a robot combat simulation game. The game is planned to release on Steam later this month.

Robot Arena III is, as the title already suggests, a robot combat simulation game in the likes of BattleBots and Robot Wars where players can design and build their own robots with the intricate and realistic bot creation system. Once the player is satisfied with their creation, they can enter their bot into arena combat. Whether their fierce robots will survive the arena is up for discussion.

The features of Robot Arena III doesn’t stop with a realistic bot creation system, no sir. Here’s a short overview of what’s to expect from this simulation:

  • Design and build – Players can create their own unique robots in the Bot Lab.

  • Customize – Every aspect of the robot is fully customizable, down from the chassis shape to the armor type to the power source and locomotion. Of course, the player has a wide variety of weapons at their disposal.

  • Multiplayer – Head into the arena for one-on-one or group robot battles, play cooperatively or competitively with the online multiplayer gamemode.

  • Steam Workshop support – Players can upload and share their creations to the community via the Steam Workshop, offering inspiration to other players if they find their robot lacking spice.

  • New physics and graphics – Robot Arena III has new physics and graphics which makes it the most realistic and advanced robot combat simulation title to date.

If you were a fan of BattleBots or Robot Wars when you were a kid, you may be interested in Robot Arena III. The title will be available on Steam later this month for a price of $19.99 or its local equivalent.

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