Robot Blitz – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade/Survival
Developer: Chillsters
Publisher: Chillsters
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Anroid, Windows Phone

Robot Blitz – Review

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Everyone knows and has played the classic arcade game Pac-man. Chillsters wanted to bring the old concept with them into this era by adding more features, improving the graphics and more.



The story of Robot Blitz is about the Roboto-5000, which is a scrap collection robot who is being held captive inside Robotomo Bay. In order to survive and escape, the Roboto-5000 has to collect scrap which is spread around Robotomo Bay.

While you break out of your cell you have to go past multiple cell blocks in order to find your way to the exit of the prison. The cell blocks in this prison are guarded by other robots who chase the Roboto around in order to destroy it before it escapes the prison, which is sadly also guarded by lasers which destroy you and anyone who walks through them instantly.


Considering that this is an arcade game which was developed for smartphone devices, the graphics are well done. The game offers us the best of both worlds, namely the old retro style in combination with updated graphics.

The movements of the Roboto-5000 are smooth and allow the player to react quickly to any oncoming enemies. Enemy robots that get hit by EMP’s have a nice animation that shows the robots falling down and malfunctioning. Other than that, there is not that much more to mention.

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The areas of the game are filled with nice details such as plants that are added to the garden just to give the game a better view. Together with these extra objects there are multiple cameras around the map which follow the Roboto around which are also very nicely created.

Robot Blitz offers us the basic animations we need and for a game like this, we don’t need that much more.


The sounds used in Robot Blitz are mostly the sounds of objects moving around or activation sound. The cameras make a turning sound while they follow the Roboto-5000 and the lasers can be heard when they activate and de-activate.

These sounds add an extra layer of enjoyment for the player and it makes the game more exciting especially when you hear robots chasing you while they are off screen.  Any robot that spots you and begins to follow you makes a sound as well so everything that happens can be followed by listening closely.

Robot Blitz also has some fitting soundtracks added to the menu, robotic sounds mixed into a song. There’s no music added while playing through a level of the game so the player can concentrate on the sounds of the robots and the traps. Of course, a tune would have been welcome!


The game starts with a tutorial to explain all of the features the game has to offer. Each level of the tutorial explains only one thing so the player can learn the game on a nice and steady pace. When the tutorial is over you have to choose between arcade and survival.

Arcade lets you play different levels which have to be completed in one sequence; the lives you get at the start of the arcade mode are used in multiple levels. The player can gain more lives by playing through the levels which serve for the levels after this one but you can also lose lives which are also lost on next maps. The goal of arcade mode is to get through all the levels in the sequence without losing all of your lives. In order to get to the next level the player has to collect every single nut on the map while avoiding traps such as lasers and of course by avoiding the guards as well.

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The survival mode of the game is (as expected) all about surviving as long as possible while avoiding the guards. The security gets tougher for every bolt or nut you pick up along the way which makes it that much more challenging and exciting when reaching higher scores. The map in survival mode is a mixture of multiple maps used in arcade more which makes the map bigger and easier to move around on. Survival mode still has some traps spread around the map to help you get rid of the guards but these traps make it harder for the player as well.


Robot Blitz is a very fun and easy to learn game which is suited for anyone with a smartphone. You can play through the levels in arcade mode one at a time or pause it in the middle of a level and still be able to pick up later which makes it perfect to play while on the move. Chillsters did a good job at reworking the old concept to bring it to smartphones and it is definitely worth a try.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Robot Blitz - Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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