Roche Fusion – release date announced

Roche Fusion – release date announced

Less than 10 days ago we were happy to announce that Roche Fusion, the classic arcade space shooter from Amulware has found its way to Steam. Today we’re glad to announce that the deadly but nostalgic arcade space shooter will release on 23rd of January 2015. That means that in roughly a month, anyone can enjoy this piece of epicness.

To be fully ready for the release, the developers have moved the closed beta to Steam. If you want to become one of their beta-testers, who will be rewarded for their dedication to the game, you can sign up right here. At this moment, there are three types of rewards:

  • Pixel – Giving helpful feedback once in a while, or reporting a critical bug will not only help the developers finish the game faster but you will also be rewarded with an entry in the credits of the game.
  • Particle – Giving relevant feedback, on a regular base will reward you with a copy of the game and an entry in the credits.
  • Phoenix – The phoenix does it all: provide feedback on a regular base, report bugs, give suggestions, share thoughts and ideas and much more. The phoenix simply becomes an integral part of the community and has a great influence on the course of the game. For this, you will be rewarded a free copy of the game as well as a credits entry but you can also design an upgrade for the game.

Helping developers find flaws in their game and help them create a perfect product is rewarding on its own but being rewarded like this is even greater. There’s no better feeling than being a part of a great community so you may as well join the bandwagon.

Of course, announcing a release of a game is mostly accompanied with a new trailer so without further ado, here is a new explosive trailer of Roche Fusion – the “all you can shoot buffet” from Amulware.

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