Rocket League Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Car Pack DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Racing, Sports
Developer: Psyonix
Publisher: Psyonix
Platform: PS 4, PC, Xbox One
Tested on: PC

Rocket League Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Car Pack DLC – Review

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Rocket League is one of those games that strives to supply its users with a constant stream of new content, some against payment, while other updates benefit all players, who have no interest in cosmetic upgrades. Those who wish to support the game however have had the chance to purchase a lot of new car packs, which granted you even more customization possibilities. While many of these packs received high scores in the past, the Back to the Future pack had its flaws, especially when it came to the quality of the other packs. This time, with the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the new Batmobile gets unveiled in Rocket League, as a payable DLC. We’ve had the chance to drive around as the masked vigilante during one of his soccer matches.

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Truth be told, as this car pack only contains one (iconic) vehicle, this review will end up being a very short ride. You’ll be treated to a very spiffy looking Batmobile, at least the one that will be starred in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. While you’ll be able to change a few colors on the car itself, these changes prove to be minor and negligible as they will only serve as an indication of which team you’re on. That being said, the car looks good and grants you a certain badass status.

Nonetheless, while the overall content is a fun homage to Batman in general, it’s sad that the moviemakers want their ‘intellectual property’ unscathed. Of course, one could argue that a Batmobile with a silly hat in hot pink would mess up Batman’s image, but that’s pretty much the point of Rocket League. The game is all about unlocking goodies to place on your cars, to color them, to add hats, decals and so on, and this car pack and the BttF one feel the odd ones out, as they simply add a car and presto.


Rocket League’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack is a fun addition to your ever-growing collection of cars. While it lacks the flexibility of customization options the other cars have, a true Batman or superhero fan will certainly enjoy this authentic Batmobile model. If you want bragging rights, especially knowing the movie isn’t out yet, this car is the way to roll.

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