Rocket League: Supersonic Fury DLC Pack – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Racing, Sports
Developer: Psyonix
Publisher: Psyonix
Platform: PlayStation 4, PC
Tested on: PC

Rocket League: Supersonic Fury DLC Pack – Review

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It’s been over a month since the initial release of Rocket League and the first DLC pack is a go! Rocket League is a sports racing game where you play soccer with rocket powered cars, it received appraisal by a lot of reviewers including from us. Now, it’s time to check out what has been added in this first DLC.

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A lot has changed since the release of Rocket League. Stable servers are now finally a thing and there was a big free update as well that provided some new content. It included a new map: Utopia Coliseum, spectate mode so you can watch your friends play, 3v3 ranked mode for even more competitiveness, 70+ new country flags, a new soundtrack called “Firework” by Hollywood Principle and some new items to customize your car as an apology for a really bad launch. Not bad!

Then there’s the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack, which features quite a few new items to customize your cars and also features new cars. It has two new cars, six decals for each new car, five new paint types, two new rocket boosts and two new wheels. The cars are the Dominus, a bad ass muscle car and the Takumi, a Japanese race car. Decals include flames, scorpions, skulls, stripes, tats, wings and a few more to further expand your choices.

Paint jobs are even cooler and range from carbon fiber to corroded metal and wood, allowing you to make your own unique style and go for a racer or worn down look. For the rocket boosts there’s burnout and nitrous, which both look absolutely awesome. Last but not least there’s the wheels which look okay, but when is the last time someone got excited about wheels anyway?


The Rocket League: Supersonic Fury DLC Pack brings some very cool new items to the game that will help fans differentiate their cars and style even more than they could before. It features awesome new cars, great paints, tons of decals and more. For a first DLC, it’s a very reasonable price and you don’t necessarily have to buy it in order to enjoy more gameplay, which is great.

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Rocket League: Supersonic Fury DLC Pack - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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