Rocket League (Xbox One) – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Racing, Sports
Developer: Psyonix
Publisher: Psyonix
Platform: PS 4, PC, Xbox One
Tested on: Xbox One

Rocket League (Xbox One) – Review

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Soccer with cars, who could have thought that this basic concept would become one of the biggest gaming ideas of 2015 (tossing aside the fact that the same developer already made a game quite similar in style). Nonetheless, what first started out as a title for PS4 and PC has finally reached its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One but will it still have the same impact as it originally did on the other platforms? Psyonix might arrive a bit late to the party, but it’s already making amends by providing the Xbox One’s fan base with free DLC to make up for lost time. As the mechanics haven’t changed since our main review and the heaps of DLC reviews, this one will simply be a short recap of what you can expect.

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No need for a spiffy story as Rocket League is all about playing soccer with cars in action packed duels, ranging from one versus one setups to four versus four. You’ll notice that if you play with friends you can discuss where everyone should play on the field but this often goes out of the window when you decide to fill up your party with random strangers online. Nonetheless, everything still stays the same as when the game was released namely: try to get the massive ball into the goal of the opposing team and everything is allowed. Drive on the walls, even the ceiling or crash into your opponents.

Of course, controls have stayed the same as well, you’ll still be able to use your double jump in order to deliver a proper kick to the ball, or reach it when it’s bouncing through the air. Controls prove to be responsive, easy to learn, but it’s hard to master actually hitting the ball properly or in the angle that would get you closer to the enemy team’s goal.

To make up for lost time or to win some Xbox One players to the Rocket League camp, Psyonix decided to grant access to all previously released DLC for free for Xbox One players. Well nearly everything as the Back to the Future DLC is not given away for free, as the studio still needs its share of the income we reckon. Nonetheless, it’s a fun gesture to be able to explore the extra content without having to purchase it again. The DLC packs themselves are pretty much just cosmetic extras, such as new cars, decals and other goodies to pimp your turbo-powered rides.

Rocket League - Chaos Run DLC Pack

As expected, for online play you’ll need an active Xbox Live subscription, but do not fret, there is still enough content to explore offline, with or without your friends. You’ll be able to play through different seasons, hoping to come out on top, or simply create your own set of custom matches, where you can add ‘mutators’ to the equation, thus adding certain wacky conditions to the overall gameplay experience. You can alter the shape, size and weight of your ball, play with the gravity settings and so on.

Visually everything is still a colorful mess, that does not only look appealing but detailed as well, given the setting and style the developers chose for the game. The many customization options allow you some freedom when it comes to designing your car(s), which makes it fun to keep on playing until you’ve unlocked all the different cosmetic upgrades.


Even though the biggest part of the Rocket League hype has already cooled down, it’s a great gesture that Xbox One players can finally get in on the action packed soccer game, while also getting the DLC for free. If you haven’t had the chance to try this one out yet, it might suit your fancy and did we mention your car can wear hats? That alone should persuade you.

Rocket League - Chaos Run DLC Pack

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Rocket League (Xbox One) - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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