Rocket League’s ‘Starbase Arc’ Update Available Today

Rocket League’s ‘Starbase Arc’ Update Available Today

Psyonix today announced that its new space-themed update, Starbase Arc, is available for download. Starbase Arc features a brand new free arena and a premium DLC Battle-Car, Vulcan.

Starbase Arc is set in an octagonal space station orbiting a desert planet in a distant galaxy. The arena features starship battles, floating planetoids, and interstellar laser shows. The Starbase Arc update also features a brand new feature called Custom Training mode. This new mode is available on all platforms and allows players to create their own training sequence where they can name, design, edit, and upload their sequences.

The Starbase Arc will be available later today along with a premium DLC Battle-Car, Vulcan, for $1.99/€1.99

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