Rodea the Sky Soldier launched in Europe today

Rodea the Sky Soldier launched in Europe today

From Kadokawa Games comes Rodea the Sky Soldier, the product of the combined brainpower of Yuji Naka and Zin Hasegawa that brings speed and adventure in a journey through the sky for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire sent an army of machine soldiers to invade the sky kingdom of Garuda 1,000 years ago, although the assault was undermined and stopped in its tracks by Princess Cecilia and Rodea, a machine soldier who promised to protect Garuda.

Back to the present day, and an inventor named Ion finds an abandoned robot that has fallen into disrepair in the middle of a scorching desert. Once the repairs have been completed, the robot comes back to life and what a surprise- it’s Rodea! Astonished that he is now in the future, Rodea learns of the end of the Naga Empire, and that Garuda has been peaceful since. As one might imagine, however, peace is not eternal; the forces of Naga have returned to wage war, and Rodea takes to the skies to defend Garuda once again.

Key features of the title include:

  • Traversing the aerial kingdom of Garuda, whilst simultaneously solving puzzles and destroying enemies. Upgrading your flight abilities will allow you to discover secrets of the past and future
  • Collect Gears and Gravitons from enemies to give to Ion the Inventor, who can then upgrade Rodea with new abilities (i.e. stats) and weapons
  • Engage in epic battles against the massive automatons that make up the Naga army, employing the use of acrobatic combat to locate their weaknesses
  • Ability to replay levels to better your time and find numerous hidden objectives and items

Interested? Check out the trailer below!

Consumers who pick up the first print copies of the Wii U version of Rodea the Sky Soldier will also get a bonus of the Wii version of the game in the box.

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