Rogue Company – Preview
Follow Genre: Tactical Shooter
Developer: First Watch Games
Publisher: Hi-Rez Games
Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Tested on: PC

Rogue Company – Preview

Good: Classic gameplay, Cross-platform play
Bad: Very small maps
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Another free 4v4 tactical shooter is joining the ranks today. First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios have been working on Rogue Company for years now, with an alpha version existing as early as November 2019 and the closed beta has been running since July of this year. Last month the game officially went into open beta for the general public, meaning more and more people get to have a look at what Rogue Company brings to the table. Of course, we wanted to be among those people.

Save the day, look good, get paid. Do we need any more context than that? Perhaps; but Rogue company is not waiting to deliver. Aside from a short cutscene at the start of the game (which admittedly looks great but tells us very little), there isn’t really much plot to be found. We know the player characters are called Rogues and work for the titular Rogue Company and also something about saving the world, but clearly, the focus here is winning matches and fun gameplay and truly we can’t complain about that.

Visually Rogue Company looks stunning for what it is. Maybe it’s because we don’t expect these kinds of advanced graphics from free-to-play games, but this could definitely compete with triple-A titles. There are various maps available, and more might be added as time goes on. Right now there is a decent amount of variety. There is also a lot of diversity in the designs of the Rogues, with some unique concepts in the line-up.

The soundtrack feels a lot more basic in comparison. Not bad, not good, it toes the middle of the line in all regards. As the bullets fly around your ears and bombs tick off to your doom, the expected sound effects can be heard but nothing stands out, either in a positive or negative way. The Rogues all have their own unique voice lines to yell and grunt in the heat of battle.

In terms of gameplay, Rogue Company delivers about what you’d expect from a 4v4 multiplayer tactical shooter. As of right now, there are four play modes available, including one that is an alternate 2v2 mode. In Demolition, one team plays the attackers while the other team is defenders, with the goal being for the attackers to blow up sites that the defenders are protecting. Extraction is a typical control point mode, where teams compete to occupy a changing point on the map as long as possible. Strikeout meanwhile is a classic deathmatch, with each team getting limited respawns and the match ending when all the players of one team are eliminated.

Every mode consists of various rounds, how many you need to win to be declared the overall winner depends on the mode. While all these offer a more casual experience, there is also a ranked mode for those interested.

The game itself plays as a tactical shooter would. After airdropping onto your side of the map, you can crouch, vault, and sprint your way across the map. Once there, you can use your weapons to try and take the enemy team out or throw a well-aimed grenade to devastating effect. Your health will regenerate automatically at a slow rate and up to a certain point, but take too much damage and you’ll be down. Then you have to hope a nearby ally can come to revive you before you bleed out.

To win, choosing a Rogue that fits your play style is essential. Every Rogue has their own special ability that they can use in combat. Examples include placing traps, making enemies visible across the map or automatically healing a teammate close to you. Your Rogue comes decked out with a pistol and a melee weapon and between rounds you get a sum of money to spent at the store to buy better weapons, grenades, or passive perks to help in battle. Upgrading your weapons is also an option. What is available to buy is dependent on which Rogue you’re playing.

Speaking of money, while the game is completely free-to-play there are in-game purchases to consider. More Rogues, weapons, and other goodies won’t be unlocked unless you pay for them with currency. Some aesthetic things too – emotes to taunt the enemy, spray paint to tag the map with, and outfits to customize your Rogues – are only available if you got the cash.


Overall Rogue Company feels like your typical game in this genre. This isn’t a bad thing if you’re looking for some easy fun to get lost in, or want to challenge your own skills in multiplayer. It doesn’t bring many new things to the table right now, but since development is still in progress we’ll be curious to see what else will be added moving forward.

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Rogue Company - Preview, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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