Rogue Lords’ unveiled Gameplay & Mechanics Announced


NACON, Cyanide Studio, and Leikir Studio unveil today the new gameplay trailer from Rogue Lords, introducing a mechanic that is as profound as it is unique. In this turn-based rogue-like, players can play as the devil, following different rules than their opponents.

Devils play by their own rules. In Rogue Lords you play as the devil who was defeated by demon hunters many years ago. To regain your power, your disciples. Nine evil geniuses who have made a pact with you must find scattered legendary artifacts. To defeat your enemies, you can use your diabolic powers to cheat, which costs a portion of your Diabolic Essence. But be careful! When you have used up all of your Essence, you go back to the same hell you crawled out from.

In battles, your main goal is slaying every demon hunter that crosses your path. These filthy representatives of the goodwill come your way in waves. When the health bar of one of your disciples is completely empty, this servant can still fight for you, but they will be vulnerable. You can keep vulnerable disciples alive by using a little bit of your Diabolic Essence every time to protect them. To avoid this emergency, you can sacrifice some of your life essence in advance to manipulate your disciples’ health bars and make them more resistant to certain enemies. But you can also use your essence to weaken enemies’ health bars. And your diabolical powers go beyond that! You can also steal buffs from your opponents or transfer debuffs cast by your enemies back at them. You choose how you defend yourself against enemy attacks and form devastating combos.|

Your Diabolic Essence also comes in handy during interactive events, where your chances of success depend on the actions required and the skills of your disciples. By activating the Devil Mode you can tip the balance in your favor and achieve the desired results by sowing fear into mortals. If you are successful, you will gain precious bonuses for the rest of your turn.

Each turn would change the world map randomly, assembling it with different possible routes. The routes you choose will be based on the events you want to trigger. No route is definitive as devils don’t like boring endings. By sacrificing some of your essence, you can follow secret paths to very easily reach places where there are powers that can determine your success.

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