Rogue State – Review
Follow Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: LRDGames, Inc.
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Rogue State – Review

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Leading a country is quite hard and every decision has its outcome on the future of the nation. This is something you can encounter in Rogue State. This management game will test how you will react in several different circumstances. Do you have what it takes to be a good leader, or will you be fired?

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The country of Basenji has been under the dictatorship of King Salman but thanks to the help of your brother Farouk and the military, this reign is over. Now, you have got the chance to rebuild this fine nation and bring peace back… or will you just do the opposite and make enemies? These are some options you have in your reach and it is your call how you react on certain circumstances. For instance, will you use some of the money to help the poor and homeless? Will you let foreign nations help or will you keep them away? These decisions will have its effect on how the nation sees you and if you will be on the ‘throne’ for long.

Story wise, it is clear that there isn’t a straight path to take. Every playthrough will have its differences, which makes this game quite interesting.


Today’s technology can do marvellous things, but Rogue State kind of left these possibilities aside. You’ll be presented with quite an old-school look and feel, which also reflects in the movements of the characters. Some menus are rather nice, while others feel like they have been drawn with colour pencils.

Color wise, you’ll have a combination of styles and schemes. The ‘main’ area of the game is a mixture of colors, which makes it quite chaotic and hard to see where the important areas are. At least the developers have thought of putting a highlight around certain objects to show that these are interactive. The menus have another style than the rest of the game. These are more static and sleek, depending on what you can see and alter.

Rogue State


As you’re in a rather warm and exotic climate, the tunes will take you to this destination. They really fit the setting and although they seem quite similar, it won’t get on your nerves as you will be occupied with leading the country.

Next to the quite subtle tones, there are also some accompanying sound effects. For instance, you’ll hear soon enough that you’re being called due to the quite loud ringing. Something else quite nice and surprising is that (almost) every conversation is voice acted. Some of the voices really fit the characters, but the overall quality of this part isn’t that great.


Rogue State is a simulation game that will challenge you to rebuild a country. How you do this is your own choice, but you must keep the nation happy and stable. There are four different modes you can start (Easy, Normal, Hard and Endless), although the hard setting is locked at the beginning. Next to that, there are four scenarios for you to explore after you’ve had your first run. For instance, you’ll be able to have certain instabilities like unstable elements and so on.

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A normal run consists of several things you can do and you need to reconsider. First of all, you can choose your gender and your last name to give the new leader a face. Afterwards, you need to assign tasks to several people, which includes your own brother. The problem is that your own flesh and blood might not be that keen on your new job, so he will try and sabotage you. This already starts when you need to give him a job.

As you’re being new to this position, you need to get into all of the different elements you need to think about. First of all, you can read the tutorial book that gives an overview or you also have Tariq Badour to help you out. He is the chief of protocols and keeps track of some elements like the status of the parliament or the people.

You can take four turns in which you can do several things. For instance, you can take a look in the policies, the treasury or the infrastructure of the country. Every move you do will have its effect on the parliament and the several subpopulations. You have the liberals, fundamentalists, capitalists and patriots, all with their own vision. Bonding with allies, like America, will have its effect as well. Even more, if this go south, you can go to the situation room and start a new war. The choice is up to you.

Rogue State

After your four moves, you get a random event in which you need to make a decision. You can see the consequences of your possibilities, so you can pick the best option for your strategy. When this phase is over, you start with a new term.

The overall gameplay is quite surprising and unexpected, which is a real fun factor. The random events give that bit extra and gives the game that bit more.


If you like simulation games with quite some responsibilities, Rogue State is something for you. The combination of graphics and sound makes the game quite unusual and the gameplay mechanics  are fun and surprising. Always wanted to save a country? This is your chance!

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