Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Director: Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil
Distributor: eOne
Duration: 75 minutes

Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman (DVD) – Movie Review

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Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil, the directors of New Kids, a well loved comedy series in the Netherlands, are back with another film: Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman. The humor in Haars and van der Kuil’s work might not appeal to everyone, but those who loved their previous work will undoubtedly be curious to see what Ron Goossens has to offer. Absurdity and a lot of alcohol, that’s for sure, and humor that is quite recognizable for their work.

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Ron Goossens (Tim Haars) is an alcoholic without a job, filling his days by going to his friend Peter’s (Henry van Loon) pub, where he does nothing more than just drink and make shady remarks. One night, having drunk way too many pints once again, Ron and his friends head outside. They come up with the plan to drive onto a drawbridge while it is being lifted, creating a ramp that will make for a spectacular stunt. Ron is the one driving, while the others just stand by and film the whole stunt. While the stunt doesn’t go completely according to plan (the car just falls from the edge of the bridge onto the ground and catches fire), Ron makes it out alive and becomes an internet sensation after his friends post the video online.

Ron becomes famous in no time, even though he doesn’t notice so much, as he’s always drunk. An agent contacts him, proposing to represent him as a low budget stuntman in the Dutch film industry. Ron isn’t very interested, but when he comes home later that day, he finds one of the other pub regulars in bed with his wife Angela (Maartje van de Wetering). Ron is quite devastated about it, as Angela and he were high school sweethearts, and he doesn’t want to lose her. She says that she finds their relationship boring, and that’s why she went to see other men. Ron has never been able to seduce other women but her, and thus Angela decides that if Ron is capable of seducing and sleeping with Bo Maerten, a famous Dutch actress, she will take him back. Ron doesn’t feel much for it, but as he realizes that it’s his only chance to get Angela back, he decides to give it all he can. He calls up the agent, Berrie (Michiel Romeyn), and becomes a stuntman. That way, he can easily get close to Bo Maerten, but seducing her appears to be trickier than Ron anticipated. What follows are desperate attempts to get her attention, and often very uncomfortable situations, but Ron is determined to get what he wants.

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If you’re looking for a film with an elevating story, this one is probably not the best choice. Nonetheless, Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman certainly has its good moments. The story is complete nonsense, the jokes go a bit far more than once, and the main character is constantly drunk, yet somehow, Ron Goossens manages to entertain. Tim Haars’ character Ron might be drunk in almost every scene, the makers did make sure that you can still see that in se, he isn’t a bad person, he just wants to be happy like all of us. Nonetheless, Ron is quite an annoying character every now and then, and the story isn’t without its flaws. All in all, we did find it quite funny though, and if you don’t take things too seriously, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy this film.

As far as acting is concerned, we don’t have anything bad to say. Tim Haars and Henry van Loon carry most of the film, as best friends Ron and Peter, and are quite convincing playing their slightly deranged characters. Lots of famous Dutch actors also have a cameo in this movie, which might go unnoticed to those who aren’t familiar with Dutch cinema, but is a nice touch nonetheless for those who recognize them.

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One thing this release certainly doesn’t lack is extras. There are over two dozen of them to enjoy, be them all quite short. They range from bloopers to promos, to small behind the scenes clips and just downright silly intermezzos. If you liked the film, you’ll be very happy to see that the silliness continues in the extras for another half hour or so.


Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman is a comedy with a plot that is downright silly, but reasonably well thought out nonetheless. The acting is fine, and the extras definitely sufficient. The story itself is brought in an entertaining way, even though there are a few flaws here and there. For those who are into this kind of shady humor, this film is one that will definitely be enjoyed, yet if you are easily offended, it might be better to skip this one.

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Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman (DVD) - Movie Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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