Rookie Blue: Season 6 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Drama, Crime
Distributor: eOne
Episodes: 11
Duration: 41 min. (per episode)

Rookie Blue: Season 6 (DVD) – Series Review

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Even though the sixth and final season of Rookie Blue already aired in 2015 overseas, it’s only now that the season has been physically released here, and thus we can finally give you our thoughts on it. We were already quite happy with how season 5 turned out, thus we had high hopes for the sixth. It’s too bad it’s already the last season, but let’s just hope they’ll end it in style.

Rookie Blue

At the end of season five, the evidence room in the Fifteenth division exploded, leaving nothing whole. A few weeks later, all cops are back on duty, be it still chocked at what has happened. Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Sam (Ben Bass) enjoyed a nice holiday together, but when they are back, and Andy gets attacked while housesitting for Traci (Enuka Okuma), reality soon kicks back in, and they go after the intruder. To make things even worse for Andy, Sam tells her that Marlo (Rachael Ancherill) is pregnant with his baby, something he only just found out himself. A new colleague, Juliet Ward (Erin Karpluk), joins the team, which doesn’t go unnoticed for Nick (Peter Mooney). The two try to keep their distance, but something is definitely going on.

While their colleagues are out on the street, Dov (Gregory Smith) and Marlo investigate the bombing of the evidence room. It’s not an easy case, as not many people had access and opportunity, concluding that it must be an inside job. They’ll have to tread carefully, as one mistake might ruin their own career, or that of a fellow officer. Many things are going on, both in the professional lives of the characters, as well as their personal lives, but luckily, they are not only colleagues, but also close friends.

Rookie Blue S6 1

Just like the previous seasons, season six provides a wide variety of cases. Assisting in missing persons investigations, a prisoner transfer, finding a kidnapper, they do it all on the job. Thanks to this, the series never gets dull, even though the cases aren’t always very elaborate. Next to the cases, a lot of screen time goes to the officers’ personal lives as well. In their storylines, it is quite obvious that the series is coming to an end, seeing certain things still had to be said and done in order to find some closure. Without spoiling too much, it’s safe to say that some of the choices the writers made were to be expected, which is probably a good thing for the fans. If you’re just a casual viewer, this might bother a bit though. In any case, we were happy to see that the ending wasn’t completely open, as is often the case in other series.

The cast remains pretty much the same compared to the last season. The only newcomer is Erin Karpluk as Juliet Ward. She fits in well with the team of talented actors, and is a welcome addition to this final season. Nonetheless, it’s mainly Missy Peregrym who takes the lead, as McNally’s personal life gets quite complicated, quite quickly. She still manages to portray her character very truthfully, resulting in some very emotional scenes.

Rookie Blue S6 2

The extras include several featurettes about certain elements of the season. ‘The enemy within’, for example, focuses on the story aspect where the team knows that someone on the inside must have planted the bomb in the evidence room. ‘Behind bars’ is a little clip in which both cast and crew explain a bit more about the making of the episode where the officers are sent to a women’s prison. As is only natural for a last season, there is also ‘Retrospective: Tangled up in blue’, which shows cast and crew looking back on six seasons of Rookie Blue. The featurettes prove to be fun to watch, as you get more insight into the whole season, and some scenes in particular, while fans will be happy to see the retrospective, from where it all began in 2010, up to the end of this season.


Rookie Blue’s season 6 treats its viewers to a wide variety of cases, while also finding some closure in some of the main characters’ personal lives. This provides a good mix that’s fun to watch, though it might be a bit predictable, and thus bothersome at times. Overall, we did really enjoy watching this season, and its extras, which add some fun content to the release. Rookie Blue has always been a fun police series to watch, and it remains so until the very end.

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Rookie Blue: Season 6 (DVD) – Series Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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