RuneScape – Dinosaurs are coming!

RuneScape – Dinosaurs are coming!

Good news for RuneScape players and dinosaur fans! A brand new landmass with dinosaurs is coming to Gielinor.

Kerapac, who was recently revealed, pulled the new environment of Anachronia, or The Land Out of Time, from the ancient past. Players will be able to discover the dino-inhabited island while they try and track the dragonkin. Kerapac himself will be working in secret on his mysterious plan.  All RuneScape members, new and old will be able to access the island and you only need three skills that are level 50 or above to be able to follow the storyline. The specific skills you need are Mining, Smithing, and Divination. You also need to have completed two quests, more specifically: “The Needle Skips” and “You Are It”.

The Land Out of Time will be coming to RuneScape somewhere in July with more information coming throughout June.

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