RuneScape launches Elite Dungeon

RuneScape launches Elite Dungeon

RuneScape launches it’s very first Elite Dungeon, a raid-like experience which invites brave players to go solo or buddy up and defeat mobs, mini-bosses and a triple threat of bosses. This dungeon is called  the Temple of Aminishi, and one of its three aquatic bosses will be a giant chained-up serpent – Seiryu the Azure Serpent, the spirit of water. RuneScape is a MMO RPG for PC originally released in 2001, developed and published by Jagex.

The Temple of Aminishi is located in The Arc archipelago and is open to all RuneScape members. Players don’t need to be high-level: for RuneScape novices, a boat from Port Sarim will take them directly to Aminishi after the completing the ‘Impressing the Locals’ novice quest. Those who manage to overcome Seiryu and the other bosses and mini-bosses, will secure a selection of rewards, including a new cosmetic outfit, weapon, tier 82-92 equipment, as well as raise their Dungeoneering skill and receive the title ‘Acolyte of Seiryu’.

Elite Dungeons offer a greater level of accessibility than traditional in-game dungeons, including access for solo players for a greater challenge, and a story mode option that reduces enemy damage but decreases the chance of unlocking rewards. The Temple of Aminishi will be quickly followed with a second Elite Dungeon, scheduled for release later in the summer.

RuneScape is also currently holding its annual Summer Special promotion, giving players the chance to bag three months of membership for the price of two, Hellion Armour, and three-month membership of Old School RuneScape. Further information on Summer Special can be found at the official RuneScape Summer Special website.

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