Runescape – Review
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Runescape – Review

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It’s the most played online MMORPG of the moment and there are over 200 million accounts made. It’s been through some changes with the new combat system and the squeal of fortune. But is it really worth playing or will you just waste your time?



The story value in this game isn’t really important for your character. But when you do quests they will tell you the history of the countries or the inhabitants. You will hear about the gods, the seven barrow brothers and even about lost cities. Some quests even unlock places where you have never been before, like hidden caves , the world of fairies and so much more.

Are you ready to become a warrior, a ranger, a magician or maybe just all of them? This game gives you the opportunity to be what you want, whenever you want. But the game isn’t all about fighting … . The crafts you can do are very complex, you also need to level them in the same way as your fighting. So you can be a cook, a farmer, a smith, etc.


I think the characters aren’t bad at all and the landscape and the monsters are great for this online browser game. If you compare it with the graphical quality we are used to nowadays will look a lot better but for a game that runs inside your browser screen it looks pretty good.

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Another good thing about it is when you move to another area it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds so you don’t have to wait till it’s loaded, this is something that will make you smile,  meaning you won’t ever have the problem of waiting because you cross a border line.


This browser game has enough different musical themes in it. For each place you have a different soundtrack in the background. Also the sounds are really decent, if you do something you get a very realistic sound. Like when you drop something, you hear a ‘cling’, when you are fishing you hear the water splashing and so on. This is something  you wouldn’t  expect of a browser game.


You start the game with a tutorial ( which you sadly can’t skip if you’re an experienced player) . The first thing you need to do is to choose your appearance and after that they learn you all the different skills and you will need to do some quests. A positive remark is that the first 14 days you play you get a free membership. So you are able to do all the member skills, so you can try them out too.

Every day when you log in, you get some spins on the squeal of fortune. This is a wheel you can spin around which can get you stuff from Runescape. Sometimes you’ll have something great, other times your ‘prices’ suck. Hopefully you are lucky enough to get some awesome things.

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After that you can totally choose what you want to do. You have an amount of 25 skills. And you can get experience for the skill you want to train which you will have to train in a specific way. Also when you start the game you’ll prefer what you want to be as a fighter. You don’t need to choose but most people start with training one ‘fighting’ skill. And with those skills you’ll train your combat level. You can increase it with training all the different fighting related skills.

Also there are skills related to your ‘fighting’ skills. I will give you some tips how you can combine them, and Constitiution will be trained when you train your fighting related skills.

– For fighters who wants to become a warrior. You have:

Attack: how higher your attack level , how more you can get high hits in a row in fights. You can level this by setting your strategy in attack and you can train this by killing animals, people, monsters,…

Strength: How higher your strength,  how higher your hits will be. You can level this by setting your strategy in strength and you can also train this by killing animals, people, monsters,…

Defence: How higher your defence level , how lower your opponent will hit on you. You can level this by setting your strategy in defence and you can train this the same way you train attack and strength.

You can also set your strategy on shared experience, when you do this those three skills will get all a bit of the earned experience.

Mining-Smithing: Skill you will need for weapons and armor. You can mine different ores and this will get you experience for mining. These ores can be turned into weapons and armor after melting them.

– For fighters who wants to become a magician. You have:

Magic: You can also attack your opponent with magic by using spells on them. These spells consist out of runes. Those are round tablets that you need for making a spell happen. You can earn experience  for magic in the same way as for attack, strength and defence. By killing your opponents or you can earn it by using spells you need for making things easier.

Mining: You can mine rune essence after the quest ‘rune mysteries’. When you enchant rune essence by an specific altar you’ll get spell tablets. You earn the experience by mining the rune essences.

Runecrafting: You will earn experience by enchanting them on specific altars or with a mini game that is called the Runespan. Where you can get the spell tablets out of esslings.

– For fighters who wants to become a ranger. You have:

Ranged: You can attack your opponent with ranged attacks, you need a bow and some arrows , and you attack your opponent with the arrows of course. You can earn ranged experience by using this method on your opponent, again on animals, monsters,… .

Fletching: With this skill you earn experience by making arrows and bows.

Crafting: You can make bow strings out of wool.


Beside those skills, you also have other skills. They vary a lot, but the most of them are used for making money. I’ll give short explanations for these skills aswell.

Prayer:  How higher this skill is how better you can protect yourself against attacks. You train this by burying bones.

Construction: With this skill you can make your own house and the furniture in it. How higher your level the more you can build. You train it by making furniture in your house.

Dungeoneering: Here you need to complete a sort of puzzle by which you need to go in different rooms and kill beasts and in the last room you’ll need to kill the end boss. In some of the other rooms you’ll need to do an assignment. When completing these puzzles you’ll earn dungeoneering experience.

Agility:  You can run parcours of agility. Those will give you experience for it. With this skill you can pass different obstacles in the world of runescape.

Herblore: With this skill you can make potions, these potions have different intentions. How more potions you make, how more experience you get.

Thieving: You can steal from other people, chests and stands. The more you steal the more your level increases.

Crafting: With this you can make jewelry, clothing, and so on . The more you make, the more experience you get.

Slayer: By killing beasts assigned to you by a slayer master, you’ll earn experience for this skill. A little remark, this is a very hard skill, because it takes forever to train this.

Hunter: With this skill you can hunt animals, some of these animals you can keep as pets. How more animals you catch, how more experience you get.

Fishing: You can fish in seas, rivers,… . The better your level, the better fish you can catch. By catching fish you can earn experience.

Cooking: You can cook almost every type of food. By cooking some of it you’ll earn experience.

Firemaking: By making fires you earn experience. The better wood you use, the more experience you get.

Woodcutting: You just need to cut trees, so you can get wood from it. the more wood you gather, the more experience you get.

Farming: Here you can plant trees, vegetables, flowers,… . The more you plant or harvest, the more experience you get.

Summoning: Here you can call pets. They can help you in combat or with packing your stuff. A pet can be a unicorn, a wolf, a dragon, … . The more pets you summon, the more experience you get.

This was a short explanation of the skills. With these skills you can also do distraction and diverse. These are the mini games in runescape.

You  can also do quests. Little assignments where you can get rewards of: Like extra experience for some skills or new places you can visit. There are also tasks you can do in every city, for those tasks you can also get rewards.

When it’s a holiday, runescape makes sure it has a fun mini quest for this specific holiday where you can earn a special holiday item. And when you watch the landscape of runescape on a holiday, it’s totally decorated with the holiday theme.


Runescape is an excellent MMORPG when you don’t have another game to play anymore. It’s a game that takes forever to get all your skills up to 99. This is something that players dislike, because some skills are really boring. Runescape does a lot for its players and there is a weekly update with new stuff that’s put into the game. Maybe friends told you it’s boring, but I guess you really need to give it a chance, maybe you’ll like it and you’ll have an almost free game that you can play online without downloading. Will it be a success with those new updates or will they lose all there players? We’ll see.

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Runescape - Review, 7.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings


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