Rustler – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Jutsu Games
Publisher: Games Operators, Modus Games
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch
Tested on: PS5

Rustler – Review

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Back in 2019, we took a closer look at Rustler, which proved to be a fairly interesting homage to the old-school GTA games. We did very much enjoy the concept, even though at that time it was still riddled with bugs. Now, the full version has been released for nearly every platform imaginable, and we were lucky enough to go medieval on our PS5, punching random peasants in the face, chopping knights to bits, and even fling some horse poop at people whenever we got the chance. Even though the core of the game is interesting, it sometimes felt a bit blander than we expected it to be.


In Rustler you’ll be playing as Guy, a lowlife thug who wants to make it big in this noble-run world. You’ll go from one violent quest to another, hopefully eventually making the kingdom yours. Other than a few simple plot points for your missions, there is not that much to experience in terms of story content. Each mission has its own amusing description and dialogues, and it works quite well for a game such as this. Going too heavy on the story content would have detracted from the overall charm and fun of this GTA-inspired concept. The game is filled to the brim with references to other famous movies and franchises, which is a nice touch.


Graphically the game looks quite crisp. The map is fairly empty, with a few hamlets here and there, and a few bigger towns can be found as well. The overall quality is fairly good, even though the isometric point of view does allow the game to get away with a lack of details. There are a variety of NPCs that you will meet during your different quests and missions, but things are kept relatively simple. In some areas, the game could have used a bit more flair than it currently has.


The overall sound design is a bit peculiar, to say the least. The game doesn’t really have a constant backdrop, as you’ll only hear music when close to a bard, or when you hire one to accompany you. This music is a bit weird at times, but it does suit the overall game and the experience it tries to emulate. Other than that, you’ll hear environmental noises, ranging from birds to screams of a variety of people. There is no real voice acting present in the game, as all spoken dialogue is presented in a sort of annoying gibberish.


Rustler is an isometric action-adventure game that tries to emulate the experience of the first two GTA games. Instead of a crowded metropolis, however, you’ll find yourself in a gritty and dirty medieval era, where you are just a random thug trying to make it big. From start to finish, you’ll either go through all the missions, or you just wreak havoc and perhaps even throw some poop at people. The overall gameplay is straightforward, even though some of the controls may feel a bit clunky.

The game is quite clear and you’ll quickly get the hang of things. More than often you’ll find yourself transporting something from point A to B, or having to kill a few targets. The variety of weapons is limited, and you’ll mostly find yourself using the crossbow for your initial attack to weaken the group of opponents, and then rely on your sword and shield. Of course, the game offers more weapons than this, but these two weapon sets will be your main go-to weapons. The game also offers different mounts. For example, a horse that knights use will run a lot faster than when commandeering a corpse wagon. You’ll also be able to unlock new perks for your character, which does create an incentive to keep going. The overall foundation of the game is actually quite good, but the creators don’t do that much with said base, making it quite a bland experience. It also doesn’t help that the game is very short, making its current price tag quite high.


Rustler is in many ways an amusing game that emulates the experience of the first GTA games. It succeeds in its offset by creating a medieval-themed spin-off of the aforementioned series. Nonetheless, it does feel a bit bland at times, and outside of the overall profanity and gritty atmosphere, there is actually not that much to experience or do in the game. You’ll go from one identical quest to another, only for you to run vast distances doing a whole lot of nothing. Even though it’s fun to go on a rampage from time to time, we couldn’t help but feel a bit bored at times. That being said, the game is an proper blast from the past, and it might be interesting as a bite-sized snack in-between bigger titles.

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Rustler - Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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