Ryght Butterfly speaker – Hardware Review
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Developer: Ryght
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Platform: Bluetooth devices

Ryght Butterfly speaker – Hardware Review

Good: Blends in with modern design, decent sound output
Bad: Price
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Wireless technology is something that’s starting to be more and more common these days. Thanks to Ryght we have the chance to take a closer look at their Butterfly speaker, a speaker that works via Bluetooth. Will this speaker be able to spread its wings?


Appearance wise the Butterfly speaker looks more like a small piece of interior design instead of an actual speaker. With it’s simple rectangular shape with a twist in the middle, it’s easy to see why they named this piece of hardware a butterfly. (Imagination!)

Ryght’s Butterfly speaker are actually two small speakers combined in to one, with an extra, small subwoofer thrown in the mix. Whilst the device may be fairly small, it still packs a worthy punch. It surprising to see the volume this speaker throws at you,  whilst still playing clearly and with quality.

The speaker will have a set of simple buttons that pretty much speak for themselves. You’ll be able to pair up with your Bluetooth device, press play and arrange the volume. That’s it and to be honest, that’s all there should be.

Connecting to the Butterfly speaker is fairly easy to do so: Pair up, press play and you’re good to go. It’s easy to move your paired device several meters from the speaker and it will still play music fluently. (Depending if you have a few walls between you or not.) For those who forgot their Bluetooth device to pair with the Butterfly are able to use the provided cable, which can easily connect other devices to the speaker. A simple, yet fun addition for those who want to share music without having to place it on a Bluetooth device.

Seeing the Butterfly is a wireless device, this will raise the question of ‘how long can you actually play music, before the battery runs out?’. Simple: A few hours of music for a fairly short recharging time. Whilst the device is rechargeable via USB, it’s sad normal power cords aren’t supplied with a lot of pieces of hardware anymore.  Also it’s quite hard to actually presume how much battery life the Butterfly has left, seeing it has no screen to show you its power level.

In the end the Butterfly is great for when you’re on the road as well. It takes up a little amount of space and as mentioned before, it works as it should. If you’re on vacation, the chances will be quite high you will have several Bluetooth devices at your disposal to use it for you, your family and friends.


Own opinion

Personally I love the sleek modern design, and the device immediately blended in with my gaming set-up. Standing in front of the TV, like either a part of a surround system or simply a nifty item for your interior design, this item will not be obtrusive for your decoration.

Whilst being able to enjoy music for several hours, you will reach the point of having to recharge your device. This might be a bit ‘old school’, but being able to recharge a device without having to turn another one on, is a plus, in my opinion. Luckily nowadays, at home we’ll always have a computer running to recharge the device.


Ryght’s Butterfly speaker is a nifty piece of hardware that deserves a fair amount of attention. Sadly, Bluetooth devices are still expensive nowadays and wired set-ups tend to be lower in price. But If you happen to listen a lot of music on a device with Bluetooth that might not be able to play decently without headphones, the Butterfly might be a great addition to your music set-up. Combine this with a lack of space, then it might really be worth to check it out.

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Ryght Butterfly speaker - Hardware Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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