Saffron Fields coming to Steam

Saffron Fields coming to Steam

What would you do if your country was suddenly invaded by a hostile force? Will you utilize all the skills that you accumulated by playing shooters, or will you hide somewhere safe, or do you perhaps try to escape? In Saffron Fields, you play as a saffron farmer who suddenly sees his life change when tanks come rolling in. A private military company that is hired by a syndicate of opium producers is out to get you and your produce. Fight these invaders, save your people, and bring back peace to the Saffron Fields. How will you be able to defeat these invaders? Grab a tank yourself and shove and shoot your way through the opposition. The main campaign comes with eighteen missions, including boss fights, and an endless mode where you can play in local co-op or against friends in PVP.

Saffron Fields is releasing March 3rd on Steam.

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