Salt and Sanctuary washes ashore on Xbox One on the 6th of February

Salt and Sanctuary washes ashore on Xbox One on the 6th of February

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios’ brutal hand-drawn 2D Souls-like platformer with more than 900 thousand downloads, prepares to strike Xbox One on the 6th of February.

After an ill-fated journey at sea, the protagonist washes ashore on a strange island. There, an old man gives them the mantle of the Saltborn, taunting them with riddles about buried secrets cursing the lands.

Vicious enemies are lurking everywhere, from the haunting Village of Smiles to the poisonous Mire of Stench, hoping to cut the Saltborn down. More than twenty horrific bosses lord over their respective areas intent on tearing hopeful adventures to shreds.

Salt and Sanctuary asks a lot from those who seek answers, but the heart-racing combat never feels unfair. Customize the Saltborn’s appearance and preferred loadout and conquer the island.

Wield a wide array of weaponry and armor, but know that some armaments struggle against certain foes. Deploy Fire and Sky spells to scorch and shock the opposition but, be wary of leaning too much on either one as neglecting elemental balance leads to rapid self-destruction. Enhance the Saltborn over time through a massive skill tree that expands as the game progresses.

Solve the mystery of the island but prepare to dive back in through New Game+ and Challenges Modes.

‘’Xbox holds a special place in our hearts because of how important The Dishwasher was to us personally and for Ska Studios as a company, so we’re glad to make this homecoming happen,’’ said Michelle and James Silva, co-creators at Ska Studios. ‘’Everyone who emailed us demanding an Xbox One port, will now be able to finally enjoy our creepy creation!’’

To learn more, please visit the game’s official site, or follow Ska Studios on Twitter and Facebook. And also be sure to check out the announcement trailer below.

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