SAMURAI MAIDEN launches December 8

SAMURAI MAIDEN launches December 8

Evil is lurking in the shadows and it is up to high school student Tsumugi Tamaori to save the day. Suddenly one day she is summoned in her sleep to the smoldering Honnoji Temple in the historic Sengoku period. Fortunately, she isn’t alone on the quest to defeat the many undead enemies that have been unearthed near the temple. Together with historical figure Nobunaga Oda and a trio of newfound ninja friends, the team will rush through the underworld to slaughter all those evil critters.

In this samurai action title, players will need to use stylish combination attacks with strong counters and mystical abilities to pierce through the groups of zombies and tough bosses. Thanks to the “Gokage System” players are able to use special abilities which allow for a rapid combination of both Tsumugi’s sword style and The Gokage’s ninjutsu. This all while using a wide range of ninja tools such as kunai, ninja’s wire arm, freezing yin yang justsu and other offensive techniques.

Will you be able to rewrite history? SAMURAI MAIDEN will release on December 8th for PlayStation 4 & 5, PC and Switch.

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