Samurai Warriors 5 is getting ten new characters added

Samurai Warriors 5 is getting ten new characters added

As if the character roster of Samurai Warriors 5 wasn’t big enough, KOEI TECMO America and developer Omega Force announces that it is adding ten new playable characters. These characters used to be non-playable characters and will fill in a support role. Because they aren’t part of the main storyline, they won’t have the unique ‘Power Attacks’ and other features that the other 27 announced characters will have in battle. But that doesn’t mean that they will be useless, they will be fierce and a force to be reckoned with.

Members of the new supporting cast include everyone from Nobunaga’s younger brother, Nobuyuki Oda, to Motonari Mōri’s grandson, Terumoto Mōri. Additional historic figures will also be featured, including Motonobu Okabe, Katsuyori Takeda, Motoharu Kikkawa, Dōsan Saitō, Yoshitatsu Saitō, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, Yoshikage Asakura, and Fujihide Mitsubuchi.

The game is currently still in development for the Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game is set to launch on July 27th, 2021.

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