Sandberg Destroyer Flexweight Mouse – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Destroyer Flexweight Mouse – Hardware Review

Good: Low price, Weights, Design
Bad: Nothing that renovating
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Sandberg already offered us several different gaming mice to try out from their eSports line. We concluded that many of the devices proved to be interesting gaming companions, especially for the budget price they were released. The company offers different devices, with different DPI settings and even the option to buy a wireless device. This time we’re able to try out the Destroyer Flexweight Mouse, which has some resemblances with Sandberg’s older Eliminator mouse, albeit a bit fancier and clearly with a right-handed design in mind.




The mouse is clearly shaped with a right-handed gamer in mind. The curves on the left side allow for proper rest for your thumb, and the overall shape looks quite ergonomic. This rest has a honey grated design, which looks fancy. This grated design is also found on the right exterior part of the mouse.  The mouse itself is mainly done in a matte black, safe for a few buttons with a glossy finish. You’ll also notice the somewhat wider spacing of the left and right mouse buttons, with a fairly big scroll wheel in the middle. The LED lights are embedded in the body, where you can see a lit-up logo, some transparent linings, and the mouse wheel and the plastic on the inside of the mouse buttons.


The most noticeable design feature of the mouse is the rest for your thumb. This small curved space makes gripping the mouse very pleasant and comfortable. Other than that, the mouse feels like a normal gaming mouse with proper curvature and a design that is accessible for gamers with smaller and bigger hands alike. The only buttons that aren’t as easily accessible for gamers with smaller hands are the button on the left-hand side almost at the front of the mouse and the small button on the left side of the left mouse button. Other than that, the device proves to be a comfortable ally in your gaming adventures.

What makes this mouse special is actually described in the product name. You’ll have five 5g weights you can insert at the bottom of the device. You can easily ‘pop the hood’ of the device with a magnetic plate at the bottom. You then have the option to add 5-25g of weight to the device for some extra resistance. Of course, this is only a minor difference, but some gamers will love that they can tinker with the weight to customize their gaming experience.


  • USB cable: 1.5 meters
  • Up to 4000 DPI switchable (800, 1200, 3200, 4000)
  • Multi-color LED lights
  • 9 buttons
  • Key life: 5 million
  • 5 x built-in changeable weights (5g each)
  • Mouse weight without changeable weights: 139g


Sandberg’s Destroyer Flexweight Mouse is a plug and play device that doesn’t need any additional software. This seems to be like a trend for modern gaming devices to come without any special software. The pre-programmed DPI profiles are somewhat diverse (800, 1200, 3200 and 4000) but it’s always nice if you can fine-tune them a bit more. That being said, these four profiles cover the necessities for most gaming genres, as well as normal PC usage, be it for browsing or other projects.

The device comes with different additional buttons, which all have pre-programmed functions. These can also come in handy when you bind them with different button inputs and functions for games that have more button commands. We noticed only one flaw with the current button setup, and that’s that you can’t change the LED settings without switching profiles. The info of the device states that you can change the LED colors with a press of a button, but it also changes the DPI profile in the process.


Sandberg’s Destroyer Flexweight Mouse is a great gaming companion if you’re in the market of finding a new gaming mouse. The device covers the basic ranges of DPI for many different genres and has a proper comfort factor. The weights add some meat to the mouse, but this is something you either love or hate, or find useless. Even without the weights, the mouse is still a very cheap gaming mouse.

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Sandberg Destroyer Flexweight Mouse - Hardware Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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