Sandberg Dizruptor Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
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Sandberg Dizruptor Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Price, LED lights
Bad: Hardly any special functions
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We know what you’re thinking; we reckon some readers must assume we are dating Sandberg, as we write a lot about their products, but they are releasing new eSports products at a high pace, giving us a lot to write about. We recently discussed the Savage headset, which proved to be a very affordable 7.1 gaming headset, with a rather atypical design. We loved the audio quality, the comfort factor, but the headband was something we needed to get used to. Now, the company has released two new 7.1 headsets in a very affordable price range, the Dizruptor and the Tyrant, and we’ll be discussing both. In this review, we’ll start off with the Dizruptor model, and as always we’ll look at design, comfort and the device’s functions.




We have to be honest – the Dizruptor looks extremely nice. The big ear-cups, the LED lights in the exterior of said cups, the sleek microphone, with a small LED on its end all look impressive and more like a high-end and expensive headset. Add to that the metal frame, the suspended headband which looks like a mix between leather and rubber, and you’ll have yourself an exquisite looking piece of hardware. We love the lit-up logo on the sides as well.

The bigger ear-cups look neatly finished, with the logo on each side, and the gridded design where the LEDs shine through. The thick padding looks qualitative and most of all, comfortable. The entire headset looks very inviting, which is certainly a plus for a device you’ll have to keep on your head during longer gaming sessions. The over-ear design also adds a bit of mass to the design.


The Dizruptor may look rather bulky, but it’s actually not that heavy. Sure, it’s heavier than the real lightweight models on the market, but the metal frame and big ear-cups also make it a lot sturdier. It’s clear that Sandberg invested in the materials when creating this device. That being said, the suspended headband rests softly on top of your head and is very pleasant to work with. The ear-cups have fairly thick padding, but not as much as you’d initially think. Don’t get us wrong, the entire experience is comfortable, but some might prefer a bit more padding. In spite of that, the model is designed as an over-ear headset, which is great for gamers who don’t like to get their ears squished when playing their favorite games. The latter also allows everything surrounding your ears to breathe a little, making sure you don’t overly sweat when things get heated (in-game and in your gaming room).

Despite the flashiness of the microphone, it’s fairly easy to work with the extension. You can bend the arm of the microphone as you please, making it a fairly standard but appreciated option to have.


  • 2 meters nylon braided cable
  • Volume controls on left ear-cup
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Multicolor LED lights
  • 50mm Drivers


Outside of the 7.1 surround sound and the crisp sound with fairly deep basses, there isn’t much to say about this model in terms of special features. The device works with a standard USB connection and you’ll be ready to go when you plug it in. There is a small dial on the left ear-cup to regulate the volume settings and that’s about it. We somewhat miss a small control box on the cable to mute your microphone, but given this model’s price range, you’re already getting a lot of quality for your money.


Sandberg is doing rather impressive things with its gaming line. While this headset is not necessarily better than the Savage model, it simply looks good, solid and qualitative. Even though we would have loved a few extra functions to regulate the bass settings or mute the microphone, you can’t go wrong with this model. If you’re looking at something reliable in an entry-level price class, then the Dizruptor will elevate your gaming experience.

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Sandberg Dizruptor Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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