Sandberg Eliminator Mouse – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Eliminator Mouse – Hardware Review

Good: Affordable, Looks quite spiffy
Bad: Not that much in terms of customization
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Last time we checked out Sandberg’s Wireless Sniper Mouse, and it proved to be a delight to work with, be it as a normal mouse for your pc, or as a gaming apparatus. This time we’ll take a look at its counterpart, which was released simultaneously with the Wireless Sniper Mouse, the Eliminator Mouse. With a name like that, Sandberg will have to dig deep to impress, but given its extremely low price tag, many would think it falls short, but Sandberg has proven us wrong many times before. Will the Eliminator pass this elimination round and eliminate the competition, or be eliminated itself.





While the Wireless Sniper Mouse opted for a fairly clean, tight and somewhat simplistic outward appearance, the Eliminator does its best to impress with a very cool LED lighted body, with a lot of cool details, making this mouse seem like a high end piece of equipment, rather than the budget priced mouse it actually is. The top layer has many white pieces of plastic, through which the alternating LED lighting shines prominently, making this a rather impressive looking piece of equipment.

The mouse itself is finished in hard and matte plastic, with the top layer being a bit thinner than the side panels. Nonetheless, the visual appearance is very pleasant, even though it looks a bit wider, as it doesn’t have a dented/curved shape, safe for the slight protrusions on both sides, which are clearly meant to make the device more comfortable.


Even though the backside of the mouse reclines rather steeply, the mouse is very comfortable to handle, even though it’s a bit harder to rest the back of your hand on your desk if you have small hands. Nonetheless, the small protrusions on the side add slight curves to the otherwise straight design, which allow you to rest your thumb. Even though the mouse is almost symmetrical, the buttons on the left side indicate this is a device designed for right-handed gamers, but a left-handed gamer would still be able to use this device rather well, as the buttons on the left handed side aren’t really bothersome if you control the mouse with your left hand.

The matte finish doesn’t get dirty too easily and you can keep it clean without too much maintenance. Nonetheless, some dirt can get in the many ‘crevices’ this device has, thus it is advised to properly maintain the condition of the Eliminator if you want to keep it looking spiffy.

Sandberg Eliminator Mouse 1


  • 6 buttons
  • 5 meters cable
  • 4 DPI profiles (800, 1200, 1600 and 2400)


Sandberg’s Eliminator Mouse is a plug and play device, which means you won’t have to install any additional software, and you’ll have all the different DPI profiles stored on the mouse’s internal memory. Overall you’ll be able to start gaming in a matter of seconds, and while some customization options would have been nice, this mouse will offer you a lot of (basic) features given its extremely low price range.

The mouse itself is rather sturdy, and it’s quite nice to have a braided cable on a mouse this cheap. The buttons are solid as well, and you’ll be able to remap the two buttons on the side to your liking. Overall there’s not much more to the mouse in terms of extra buttons, customization and other special features, safe for the button that allows you to switch between the different DPI profiles.

Sandberg Eliminator Mouse 2

On the Eliminator Mouse there are four different DPI profiles, namely 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400, which means you’ll be in the safe for most types of games. Nonetheless, strategy fans often require a bit more horsepower in the DPI department, but even so, the mouse will please pretty much all types of gamers. The profiles can be switched by the press of a button, making it easy to switch on the fly if necessary.


In a way it’s rather ridiculous how Sandberg manages to squeeze out these low budget items that present you with such quality it’s hard to imagine them coming at such a cheap price. Nonetheless, the Eliminator Mouse is a great asset to your gaming set-up, even though it follows the trend of having only four different DPI settings. That being said, your DPI range will be more than sufficient for most games, and if you take into account the extremely pleasant and impressive appearance of the mouse and its sturdiness, you have nothing to complain about.

Sandberg Eliminator Mouse 3

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Sandberg Eliminator Mouse - Hardware Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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